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Our story

Spark Diagnostics was born with one vision - how mobile technology can revolutionize diagnostics, make it affordable, and be accessible to anyone, anywhere - from professionals to patients. This vision came from the unique experience of the founding team -on the one hand, they have 18+ years of experience in cutting-edge bioengineering R&D and 6+ patents in their name; on the other, they have 15+years of experience in running traditional lab tests. That makes the team bring the best of science and hands-on knowledge together, understanding the pain points of patients and health professionals. 

With this background, Spark Diagnostics was formally incorporated in 2016, founded in the USA with manufacturing in USA and India.  Spark products are backed by multi-year research on paper-based affordable diagnostics. It is due to this scientific rigor and the drive to innovate that they were recently awarded the 2020 Most Innovative Portable Diagnostics Company by Global Health and Pharmaceutical (GHP) magazine. Spark is rapidly gaining a presence across Asia, Europe, and other parts of the world trusted by an ecosystem of clinicians and partners who want to gain control of their health data.

On a mission to
make diagnostics
portable & affordable

We’re on a mission to bring simple, accessible, and portable diagnostics tools to provide critical health information anytime, anywhere.

We’re committed to delivering products and services that are honest, high-performance, and built with care for our customers and partners.

Meet the Team!

Pritesh A. Patel
Founder and Managing Member
Sumit A. Sukhadia
Director & COO, India
Dr. Nishant Jalandhara
Chirag M. Tilara
VP Quality
Dr. Denis Callewaert
Prof. Emeritus of Chemistry
Oxford University

Where are we located

Where are we located

67 Digvijay Plot, Summair Club Road,
Jamnagar 361005

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67 Digvijay Plot, Summair Club Road, Jamnagar 361005

India: +91 8000088411
USA:  +1-4153264177

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