Biotechnology marries mobile technology


Where tech meets health

We take care of the complicated stuff that simplifies your experience.

SparkDx app  Instant Health Screening Tests App Home Screen
We take care of the complicated
stuff that simplifies your experience.
State-of-the-art biotechnology in our assays enables quick results in just 15 minutes. Mobile technology in our app with multiple features enables precise measurement to replace conventional readers so that you can simply use our app to do the work.

The tech behind
our tests

Spark Cov-Check Nab Test with SpakrDx Smartphone App

What you see

(1)  Multiple Tests that give vital health information
– Anytime, Anywhere – whenever you need.
(2) One 'DX' App that allows a simple, easily accessible, and convenient test platform on iOS as well as Android.
(3) Simple test methods combined with simple instructions to maximize ease of use.

What went behind

(1) State-of-the-art patent-pending technology using Artificial Intelligence integrated with a mobile app to give reliable results.
(2) Technology with a unique formulation that allows quantitative or semi-quantitative measurement with calibration specific to batch.
(3) Manufacturing with the highest GMP standards & quality.

Clinically relevant results

Our tests give quantitative or semi-quantitative values for pre-screening or health monitoring purposes.  The measurements give relevant clinical information to any professional to screen or to make relevant data-based information conveniently and quickly

Proprietary Technology
Our Tests are designed with specific and proprietary monoclonal antibodies that produce a unique two-site “Sandwich” immunoassay-based rapid test.  This will selectively detect Vitamin D with a high degree of sensitivity and specificity.

Precise Calibration

Each batch is calibrated with at least 15 different known standard serum control samples.  These control standards are used to generate the calibration curve for each batch.

State-of-Art Mobile-Reader Technology
The mobile phone application takes a camera picture of the test cassettes or is connected to our portable reader via Bluetooth and hence, is used as a “reader”.  Spark D app has proprietary algorithms to scan the test device precisely to generate the test results.